Affordable Fleet Services is part of a Nationwide Family of Dealerships through Fleet Services International. With dealerships located from coast to coast, we have greater buying power and those savings go directly to our customers. 

Our extensive experience and commitment to exceptional service puts us above all others. 
                                                           NAPA Truck Service Center - Certified Repair Network

We are excited to announce our partnership with NAPA!  As a Certified NAPA Truck Service Center you can have piece of mind that we are always striving to be our best and provide customers top quality service.  With a variety of Nationwide WARRANTIES, you'll sleep better at night knowing you are well taken care of.  
Today's new idea in fleet maintenance - Outsourcing

Today's competitive business environment requires you to focus on your core business and rely on outsourcing for support services, from employee benefits to information systems to fleet maintenance. Affordable Fleet Services' total quality approach to fleet maintenance means you can reduce downtime, lower vehicle maintenance costs, and extend equipment life.

At Affordable Fleet Services we understand that virtually anyone can sell you oil, filters, lubricants and repair parts. What everyone  cannot sell and deliver consistently is quality service. Our company culture revolves around quality. Give the customer what they are paying for and make sure they get it every time we touch their equipment.
Our Philosophy

* We want to do each job right the first time, every time.
* The job should be well done at a fair price.
* Give better customer service than any other shop in town.
* Warranty what should be under warranty. Warranties on parts and labor may vary, but we should always give the benefit of    the doubt and take care of the customer.
* Conduct work honestly. Don’t do unnecessary work.
* Build long-term relationships. We want a customer for 30 years, not 30 days.
* Show customers we appreciate what work they bring. They are all important.
* Communicate at a higher level with our customers.
* Fill the customers needs. Let them know that good maintenance now can prevent costly repairs later. Inspections during          regular maintenance can accomplish this.
* Do not make empty promises. This includes the extent of what labor we are able to perform and what time we will deliver a    truck back to the customer